NCR switch-over process: 26 May to 03 June 2015


As already announced, to conclude the current development, the NCR will be switching over to a new database system on 03 June 2015.

In preparation for the switch-over, some of the data entry channels will be blocked for a short time to facilitate the data transfer from the old to the new database. Data retrieval, however, should remain unaffected for the majority of users.

While disruption will be kept to a minimum, users and third party websites that take a data-feed using the NCR’s registered API [] may be affected for a short time during the switch-over process.

A summary of the key preparatory steps and switch-over are as follows:

Step 1 – 26 May 2015 – Temporary block placed on all INPUT data

  • A temporary block will be placed on ALL data uploads (including API) to preserve the data in the database before switching to new NCR.
  • On the registered user interface, all ‘edit’ and ‘add device’/’upload devices’ buttons will be temporarily unavailable.

Step 2 – 26 May 2015 to 02 June 2015 – Registry transferred to new NCR

  • With inputs temporarily blocked, the complete dataset including user and device information will be transferred to the new NCR database.
  • The NCR Moderator will check user permissions and device associations and update missing and incorrect data within the new database structure. The new NCR will then be checked and final testing completed.

Step 3 – 03 June 2015 – NCR placed in MAINTENANCE MODE for transfer

  • NCR website and portals will be placed in maintenance mode for short time (<2 hours) with all inputs and output channels temporarily unavailable.
  • While in maintenance mode, the new NCR system code and database to be transferred to live server. Final checks conducted before going live.
  • NCR returned to LIVE mode with all channels once again available.
  • Note that the registry will NOT be available for registered, third party or end users while in maintenance mode.

For more information, contact the NCR via email at [email protected] or phone 0300 777 0001.

PDF document: NCR-Switch-over-to-new-NCR

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