New interface testing begins


Following the continued development of the NCR, the new data provider interface is almost ready to be implemented. Data providers have been invited to test the system in Beta and provide feedback in order to fine-tune the process.

The improved interface has been designed to increase the ease and accuracy of data input into the NCR by data providers and is hoped to benefit the overall NCR two-fold. Firstly, increased accuracy of data in the NCR means more detailed data available for third party users in order to develop detailed reports and improved applications based on the available data.

Secondly, increased ease of use and confidence in the system and data processes available for use by data providers will encourage more data providers to input their data into the NCR as well as increasing the frequency of data input and updates from current data providers.

Data provider testing is expected to take place over the coming weeks and will provide valuable feedback about the new system. Implementation of the new system is hoped to follow soon afterwards.

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