The big NCR switch-over approaches


On 02/03 June 2015 the NCR will be making the switch to the newly developed improved NCR system. This switch follows extensive consultation and development on behalf of the Department for Transport.

In preparation for the switch-over, some of the data entry channels will be blocked for a short time to facilitate the data transfer from the old to the new database structure, this will only effect data providers. End users of the data will be pleased to know that data retrieval should remain unaffected.

For the actual switch-over of the code, the NCR system will be placed in maintenance mode; again for a short time estimated at 1 day. The date of the change will be either 02 or 03 June 2015.

A further announcement will be made on Friday 22nd May to confirm the switch-over date and which services will be affected.

As the structure of the database will be changed, it is suggest that any end user who uses any of the data download channels (csv, xml, json or api) to drive 3rd party applications should contact the NCR at their earliest convenience to discuss how the new structure might impact their applications. Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

For more information about the forthcoming changes, download the PDF ‘Planned changes to the NCR’.

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