NCR Privacy Statement

National Chargepoint Registry is operated on behalf of OLEV by Cenex and Apetrel Systems.

  1. We do not collect any data about users of this portal or the Download portal. This information is provided freely and on a non-discriminatory basis. We collect aggregate information on data usage but do not identify individual users.
  2. However if you Register to be a data provider to NCR and get access to the Upload Portal we will collect information necessary to manage the data you provide, including registered users of NCR. Data you provide and publish on the EV chargepoints you own or operate will then be publicly accessible. Details of your registered users will not.
  3. You may request your registered user data to be deleted and removed from NCR at any time by emailing
    [email protected]
  4. By using the NCR portals you are accepting use of cookies which we use at a minimal level to facilitate the service for registered users. You may disable cookies in your browser if you prefer.