New ‘datecreated’ field plus other NCR improvements


As part of the on-going developments of the NCR service, a ‘datecreated’ field has been reinstated for each device record in the NCR database. This was missing from the old system and has been added to the new database structure.

To fill this new field for old records, the data log file was used to extract the date created for each device record prior to the switch-over to the new system. The ‘datecreated’ now appears in all NCR data downloads (exports) and is available in CSV, JSON and XML formats.

Other improvements include new text guidance on the options for saving and/or publishing a new device record. The new NCR system permits allows records to be saved locally (not formally added to the registry), published to the registry and placed in the public domain, or (if a private point) added to the registry but not published in the public domain.

The options are as follows:
Published – Device added to registry AND published in public domain
Unpublished – Device added to registry but NOT published in public domain
Saved – Device only viewable by user who added record

We are reviewing the wording of these options and would welcome any feedback as to how we could make these options clearer in the future. Do please contact the NCR on this or any other issue.

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