NCR Statistics: Recent activity and uploads

*Data providers do not always make the power rating of their chargepoint connectors available to us for reporting. Currently there are 366 such chargepoint devices.

The table shown provides recent data activity for the total number of devices and connectors currently in the NCR database. Additionally, a further breakdown of the connector types is provided showing the numbers of Standard AC (3kW), Fast AC (7kW & 22kW) and Rapid AC (43kW) & Rapid DC (50kW+) connectors currently in the NCR.

Alongside the total numbers of devices, connectors and connector types shown. When possible, added, modified and deleted columns will be added and provide a breakdown of the changes to the devices or connectors undertaken during the last update, the date of which is shown in the last update column.

The data shown is taken from the NCR database but for definitive figures download the complete dataset.

Information regarding data uploads from registered data providers and networks can be found on the Network Statistics page.

Updated CSV Bulk Upload Template

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NCR data dictionary

Below you will find a PDF of the NCR data dictionary. This is intended to help with submission of new chargepoint data via the upload portal at (using either web forms or CSV) *. And also help with processing ...
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