NCR Statistics: Activity by Network

This table provides a breakdown of all the data providers to the NCR and the total number of devices they are currently responsible for in the NCR database. The update column shows the most recent date that a data provider has accessed the database and modified any of their records.

The data providers shown on the table are a mixture of regionally and nationally based charge point owners, branded networks and charge point controllers.

The data in this table are updated continuously to provide the most up-to-date information possible. To find a breakdown of the total devices and connectors currently in the NCR database please visit the NCR Statistics page.

Further additions made to the public retrieve API

Following on from the announcement of the four new API endpoints that have been added to the National Charge Point Registry's public API, an additional three API endpoints have been added in the form of 'addedsince', 'updatedsince' and 'location' as ...
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New filters added to public retrieve API

The NCR offers a public API which enables end users to automate retrieval of the registry. API request can be filtered according to data types to allow retrieval of sub-sets of the NCR database. Until now, API filters included the ...
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