NCR Statistics: Activity by Network

*Some chargepoints may be associated with more than one branded network. Therefore to view the actual total number of chargepoints on the NCR database please see the NCR statistics web page on this site.

This table provides a breakdown of all the data providers to the NCR and the total number of devices they are currently responsible for in the NCR database. The update column shows the most recent date that a data provider has accessed the database and modified any of their records.

The data providers shown on the table are a mixture of regionally and nationally based chargepoint owners, branded networks and charge point controllers.

The data in this table are updated continuously to provide the most up-to-date information possible. To find a breakdown of the total devices and connectors currently in the NCR database please visit the NCR Statistics page.

NCR Stakeholder Event — NEW DATE — Monday 11th December, 2017

NCR Stakeholder Event Help shape the future of the National Chargepoint Registry! PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE TO MONDAY 11TH DECEMBER (previously arranged for Thursday 16th November). Venue and arrangements remain... The Advanced Propulsion Centre, Loughborough University in London, Queen ...
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Cenex takes control of official UK database of electric vehicle chargepoints (NCR)

With over 100,000[1] plug-in electric vehicles on UK roads, OLEV has appointed Cenex to maintain and develop the official UK database of information on public chargepoints. This information will be freely available, and will allow third party developers to offer an ...
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