Feedback from December NCR workshop


OLEV hosted a NCR workshop on 4th December in London to provide stakeholders with an update on the NCR and, more importantly, to seek input on how OLEV can take the NCR forward to make the NCR most useful to consumers.

At the meeting, OLEV highlighted that the government remains committed to support the development, manufacturing and uptake of ultra low emission vehicles in the UK and welcomed the opportunity to hear feedback on the NCR and discuss how best to take the registry forward.

Following an update on recent developments of the NCR the ongoing management of NCR data was discussed with areas for improvement identified including the coverage and quality of data, and the frequency that data was being updated.

For short-term approaches to improving the NCR, the key points of discussion and agreement were as follows:

  • End users of NCR chargepoint data valued a single point of contact
  • Participants were receptive to regular network-specific reports to each data provider with details of progress to date
  • The group welcomed ways to automate data uploads whilst noting resource limitations and priorities for their technical teams
  • On approaches for static API data integration, network operators indicated a preference to use their own APIs rather than the NCR API
  • It was suggested that the NCR device records could incorporate links to external and/or network operator websites
  • Broad agreement that OCPP (or similar) standards should be adopted to simplify integration of future datasets

Regarding longer term development of the NCR, there was discussion on the strategic value of the NCR and its role in increasing the number of EV users. Attendees also discussed the wider issue of the role of charge point data (including dynamic data) within the EV and charging point market.

The meeting concluded with general agreement about the next steps to take the NCR forward. Taking up some of the issues listed above, Next Green Car will start by providing network-specific reports to each data provider with suggestions as to how each dataset can be improved (with support from NCR).

For more information about the issues raised at the workshop, contact the NCR by phone on 0300 777 0001 or email [email protected].