New filters added to public retrieve API


The NCR offers a public API which enables end users to automate retrieval of the registry. API request can be filtered according to data types to allow retrieval of sub-sets of the NCR database.

Until now, API filters included the following parameters: network (using relevant network id), country (based on country code), postcode (full or partial), lat-long (geocode), distance (from centre of postcode or lat-long coordinate), limit (number of devices returned), and units (miles or km).

Examples of filters API calls include the following:

The 10 closest devices to your postcode:

All the devices within a 10 mile radius of your position:

All the connector types in CSV format:

The NCR has now extended the rage of API filters available which now also include: post-town/city (by name), device id (using full encrypted id), connector type (using connector id), and device power rating (kW).

Below are examples of these API calls in action:

Records based on post town using the post-town parameter:

Record based on its unique device id using the device-id parameter:

Return records based on the connector type using the connector-type-id parameter:

Return records based on the rated output in kWs using the rated-output-kw parameter:

Fo connector type calls, the following connector type ids are available:

Id – Connector Type
3 – 3-pin Type G (BS1363)
4 – JEVS G105 (CHAdeMO) DC
5 – Type 1 SAEJ1772 (IEC 62196)
6 – Type 2 Mennekes (IEC62196)
7 – Type 3 Scame (IEC62196)
15 – Type 2 Combo (IEC62196) DC
16 – Type 2 Tesla (IEC62196) DC
17 – Commando 2P+E (IEC60309)
18 – Commando 3P+N+E (IEC60309)

Detailed information about the existing and new API filters will shortly be added to existing API documentation found at:

For more information about the issues raised at the workshop, contact the NCR by phone on 0300 777 0001 or email [email protected].