NCR Statistics: Activity by Network (deprecated)

*Some chargepoints may be associated with a branded network and also a controller and owner. Therefore to view the actual total number of chargepoints on the NCR database please see the NCR statistics web page on this site or download the whole dataset.

This table provides a breakdown of some of the data providers to the NCR and the total number of devices they are currently responsible for in the NCR database. 

The data providers shown on the table are a mixture of regionally and nationally based chargepoint owners, branded networks and charge point controllers.

The data shown is taken from the NCR database but for definitive figures download the complete dataset.

Updated CSV Bulk Upload Template

The CSV Bulk Upload allows data providers to upload the basic details about multiple chargepoint device records using a CSV data input file. It is recommended that the CSV upload is used when loading larger groups of new devices - ...
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NCR data dictionary

Below you will find a PDF of the NCR data dictionary. This is intended to help with submission of new chargepoint data via the upload portal at (using either web forms or CSV) *. And also help with processing ...
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